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Resolving page Errors On The Gam... Error Message

The metadata structure of Microsoft SQL database is divided into numerous allocation units, such as, IAM (Index Allocation Map) pages, GAM (Global Allocation Map) pages, SGAM (Shared Global Allocation Map), or PFS (Page Free Space) pages. diablo 3 gold Corruption in any of the above pages primarily results into unmountability of database, further resulting into inaccessibility of database records. In addition, you receive an error message that states the exact cause of corruption. Few main reasons for metadata structure corruption could be unexpected system shutdown, SQL Server damage, virus hit, and human errors. To resolve all corruption scenarios and to access the database records, you will need to use restore the data from an updated backup. But there are millions of case studies proving that most of the database users forget to create a database backup. In such situations, these users need to use advanced SQL Recovery application. As a practical case, you receive the underneath error message when you attempt buy diablo 3 gold to mount your MS Access database: Page errors on the GAM, SGAM, or PFS pages do not allow CHECKALLOC to verify database ID DB_ID pages from P_ID1 to P_ID2. See other errors for cause. The same error message appears repeatedly each time you attempt to mount your database. The above error message is a severity level 16 error message and can be caused either through logical or physical damage. Cause: The root cause for the occurrence of the above error message is corruption in GAM, SGAM, or PFS pages. Resolution: The error message can be resolved cheap diablo 3 gold by using any of the below methods: If caused due to physical damage, change the damaged system component with a brand new system component. In case of logical damage, run DBCC CHECKDB command, with correct repair clause. If both the above resolutions fail, restore the data from an updated backup. However, if case of absence of a valid backup, repair the corrupt database using advanced SQL Database Repair utility. Such SQL Database Recovery utilities are competent enough to repair corrupt databases in all logical corruption scenarios. Database repair through these tools can even be performed by a non-technical user.